Can I Pay Teachable Monthly? Understanding Your Payment Options

Yes you can pay Teachable monthly.

Teachable has monthly payment plans that are payable annually. The platform has a free plan, a Basic plan for $59 per month, and a pro plan for $159 per month as well as a Pro+ plan which goes for $249 per month. These figures are what you pay when you take the monthly payment plan.

However, if you decide to take these plans as annual plans you will save as much as 33% with the same plans.

Teachable Pricing and Plans
















In the annual payment mode the Basic Plan costs $39 per month, the Prop Plan costs $119 per month while the Pro+ plan costs $199 per month. You need to understand that in the annual mode, these plans cost the stated figures per month, however you will need to pay the full yearly fees upfront.

E.g. If you take the basic plan that costs $39 per month for example, the plan only costs $39 per month if you pay $468 for the whole year. So with Teachable’s annual fees you need to multiply the monthly fee by 12 Months to get the actual figure that you need to pay upfront.

The good part is that if the yearly plans are too steep to handle upfront, you can revert to the monthly plans. Monthly plans are a great option when starting out and you perhaps have budget challenges hindering you from taking the yearly plans.

It’s however advisable to shift to the yearly plans as soon as possible as the yearly plans are cheaper and more affordable in the long term.

Teachable is one of the leading digital course creation and online teaching platforms. Understanding the payment plans of this platform is crucial as it helps you determine if the platform costs are a good fit for your business model and if you can afford the platform and still make a profit from selling courses online on this platform.

Free Plan

The free is a great place for testing the waters. If you are still in the stage of gauging the appetite for your prospective market and you don’t want to over invest in an untested product yet, then the free plan is the best place to start.

The plan will allow you to publish one product (course, coaching or download). The plan comes with transaction fees of $1+ 10% transaction fees. With this plan you get 1 admin and author seat.

The Basic Plan ($59 per month, $39 per month paid yearly [$468])

If your venture to sell online courses is growing you can scale with Teachable and go for the Basic Plan. The plan has 5% transaction fees and offers you five (5) published products of each of the covered types (course, coaching and downloads).

With the Basic Plan you also get all the features of the free plan plus:

  • Integrated email marketing
  • Coupons and order bumps
  • Custom Domains
  • Live group Coaching
  • Accelerator Challenge access

The Basic plan is a great option for a sizable venture with a growing audience. The plan is great for those who need foundation tools and support to build their online teaching businesses.

Pro Plan ($159 per month, $119 per month paid yearly [$1428])

The Pro plan is suited for advanced tutors that need to leverage advanced tools as well as more support for their growing online teaching business. The plan comes with the all features of the Basic plan and offers the following features:

  • 0 % Transaction fees
  • 50 published products of each type (course, coaching and downloads)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Live chat support
  • Upsells to increase order value
  • Public API access
  • Removable branding

The plan also allows you to remove the Teachable branding and also provides 5 admin and author seats.

Pro++ Plan (Paid $249 per month, $119 per month paid yearly [$2 388])

The Pro++ is designed for online teaching ventures that want to go beyond 50 published products (courses, coachings and downloads). The plan is suited for online tutors that want to sell more products and need more custom user roles for their fast growing businesses.

The plan has all features of the Pro plan plus:

  • 0% Transaction fees
  • 200 courses
  • 200 coaching products
  • 200 digital downloads
  • 200 product bundles

The plan also offers multiple custom user roles for tutors that want to build bigger teams and workflows for the online teaching business.

Check Teachable Website for Updated Prices

Please note that Teachable prices and plans can change anytime, we have only published the prices as they were at the point of publishing this post. For updated Teachable Plans and Pricing please visit the Teachable website here:

Comparison of Annual vs. Monthly Payments

As hinted earlier, the two payment modes cater to two different needs. The yearly approach offers great cost savings over the long run, however this may not be accessible to someone just starting out and can’t afford the entire yearly cost upfront.

The monthly plan then offers more financial flexibility, making the Teachable platform more accessible. Also, with monthly plans you can plan your finances accordingly and get to test the waters of the platform and your business before you commit a whole year’s platform fees.

How to Set Up Monthly Payments on Teachable

To set up monthly payments on Teachable just go to any of the plans that you desire to start on. I would recommend you start with the Basic plan if you have a solid course offering, otherwise the Free Plan is the best place to start for an absolute beginner.

Under each payment plan there is a green “Try for free” button.

Clicking that takes you to a getting started page where you provide Teachable with your personal details.

Take note that with each premium plan you still have 14 days of free trial to test and explore the platform and test drive the features of your premium plan.

So even if you have committed to go premium, you still have a 14 day window to test the platform and decide if this is a good fit for your online teaching business. This adds to many factors why Teachable is a great platform to build online courses.

14 day Trial

If you decide to continue with the plan after the 14 days then Teachable will deduct the fees from your credit card and will do so every month.

Teachable Payment Methods

Making and receiving payments on Teachable is a breeze. The platform’s payment gateway works with major credit cards and debit cards. This way you can pay your monthly fees easily as a tutor. As a course creator you can also receive payments from your students seamlessly.

Teachable Payment Gateway

Teachable has a secure and reliable payment gateway.

Teachable Payment Gateway Options

Teachable offers two native payment gateway options which are: teachable:pay and the Monthly Payment Gateway. If you do not qualify for teachable:pay, and you have taken any of the premium plans Teachable enables you to set up a custom payment gateway.

Eligibility flowchart outlines requirements for each gateway

Teachable payment gateways ensure that payment information is encrypted and secure, offering a credible and trustworthy cyber secure environment for processing transactions.

This level of security is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the financial interactions taking place within the Teachable ecosystem.

Teachable Payout Frequency

Teachable pays out on a monthly basis. This is what gives course creators on Teachable a consistent and predictable stream of income (based on their earnings). The payment schedule also enables instructors to better manage their businesses and plan for future projects.

Teachable Payout Duration

Teachable has a reasonable timeframe for instructors to receive their payouts from the platform. While the amount of time it takes between the time the payout is initiated and the time it lands in your account varies, it takes between 2 to 7 working days for funds to be transferred and accessible to you.

Final Thoughts

Indeed you can pay Teachable monthly. The platform offers this flexible payment option to accommodate varying financial needs of beginners and advanced course creators with a need for more features and product publishing options.

If you have a well settled business model with a sizable or growing audience, yearly plans will save you a lot of money in the long run. However if you are just starting out, monthly plans are a great way to test drive your business before committing to higher yearly upfront costs.

Remember there is a lot that goes into evaluating the best online course platforms on the basis of price. Teachable ticks many boxes. The platform is one of the best online course platforms with certificates for example.

Here is to wishing you all the best as you embark on your journey to change the world through Teachable.